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Preppin' for Jesus

POSTED: December 30, 2011 7:00 a.m.

Everyone is hearing the new term “prepper”. (It must be a new word because spellcheck just put a red squiggly line underneath.)
Anyway, a prepper, or “prepping”, refers to a person or group making preparations before a major collapse of an economy or even a nation (paraphrased from Wikipedia). More specifically, it refers to people preparing for the potential looming demise of the economy here in the U.S.A. Many people are storing food, fuel, water and other necessities of life before a great economic collapse happens.
A similar school of thought that we hear about is the world ending in 2012. Wikipedia calls this the “2012 phenomenon” and says these events will occur Dec. 21, 2012. Right now almost every Christian is saying “only the Father knows the times”. They are exactly correct — I do not agree with this “2012 phenomenon”.
However, because we do not know the time when this world will have a climactic change, nor do we know exactly when Jesus Christ will return, we need to be prepared. This short article is not about “prepping” for a collapsed economy. This article is simply about being prepared for Jesus Christ when He returns.
Jesus tells a story in Matthew 25 which states very plainly to be ready for His return at any time. The story is about 10 young girls who will be part of a bridal party. The custom at that time was to have 10 young girls carrying lanterns when the bridegroom came for his bride. However, people only knew an approximate time, not the exact time he would come.
In the story in Matthew 25, the bridegroom came unexpectedly at midnight. Five of the young girls were prepared with oil in their lamps. Five others had run out of oil. The five that ran out tried to borrow oil from the five that had oil. However, they were denied and sent to buy some more. While they were gone the bridegroom came and the wedding party went in for the marriage with only the five who were prepared. Then the door was shut. Of course the five left out came knocking but the Lord said “I do not know you.”
At this time we will not get into all the theological debates that could go along with this passage of Scripture. The primary lesson within the context of the Kingdom being restored in Israel is that Jesus Christ could return for His bride (the church/believers) at any time. That means each of us should be “preppin’ for Jesus’ return.
If you have never asked Jesus Christ to be your Savior and Lord, call upon Him today. Pick up a Bible, read the book of John. Read the book of Romans. Go now to find the oil for your lantern and be ready for the midnight hour. Find a local Pastor and church to help guide you in “prepping” for Jesus.
God bless and have a great 2012. Oh yeah, see you at the end.

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