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Follow the lead of Jesus Christ

POSTED: January 20, 2012 7:00 a.m.

In Mark chapter one when Jesus calls Andrew and Simon as part of the 12 men he would entrust his ministry to after his ascension, most translations say that Jesus said to these brothers, “Follow me." And certainly, this is not terrible translation.
But here is where Greek underlying can help us. It can teach us what following Jesus is really all about. What is translated as “follow me” in most English bibles is literally “come behind me” in Greek. 
Yes, we must never forget that to follow Jesus is to come behind him. To follow is to let him lead. It is to make sure that in all we do, Jesus remains out in front of us. 
And this should not only be in our minds in how we think about things, but must be displayed in our lives. If people see us and laud us primarily in our living our Christian lives, we are in the wrong position. We have placed Jesus behind us. If we follow well, we will be well hidden behind Christ. He then gets the glory. 
And well he should for he is the one that works in us any good that others see in us. While we like to think of our good works as proof that we are good people, however, that simply is not true. The good in our lives is proof that there is a great God that can redeem even misfits like us. He can wash us of our sins through the blood of his Son. And he can change us by the power of his Spirit. And if we believe this, confess it and live it, we will find ourselves truly coming behind Jesus.
In many ways those who claim to be followers of Jesus in our day (perhaps the most beloved term for being a believer nowadays) seem sometimes to use this term simply to place themselves front and center. The point becomes their life of following.  It is about the follower and not the one they are following. It can be “look at me, I am following Jesus.” 
But such talking and living misses the whole point of following Jesus and robs him of the glory due to him.  So make sure that your following is about being behind and not in front of Jesus.
Jesus should always lead if things are to be well. After all, he took the lead in our salvation. He came though we did not know we needed him. He died although we did not seek him. He searched us out through his Church even though we would rather have just remained alone. The reason we can be saved is because Jesus took the lead.  So, hear today as he says, “Come behind me.”  Amen.

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