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My dog as a mentor

POSTED: August 19, 2011 8:00 a.m.

ecently, I found myself a little depressed. The news of the nation and the world seemed to be only about conflict, loss, famine, insecurity, war and new ways to be at odds with one another.

My friends and family also seemed to be a little frayed around the edges and there was a negative feeling in the air. The gloom was closing in fast.

I decided to brave the heat and go to the garden. The sun was setting and the heat was almost bearable as my dog and I walked to the garden gate.

Actually, I was dragging myself to the garden gate; my dog was happily frolicking around the yard, delighted to be free, happy to be with me and generally trying to get me to interact with him.

I really don’t know when my dog joined me but when I looked around he was there beside me rolling on his back and trying to get me to toss his favorite toy so he could fetch it and bring it back to me.

As I contemplated the drama of the sunset, it occurred to me that my dog would make a much better servant of God than me. As a beloved child of Almighty God, it would certainly seem that I should be behaving more like my dog.

As I wandered in the garden and played with my dog, I began to take inventory of my spiritual health. I asked myself a few questions:


Have I made time to seek God’s presence today?


Have I given thanks to Him for the freedom to seek and serve Him?


Have I taken the time to seek His will, to listen for His direction and to obey His commands?


Would a stranger be able to discern that I have found joy and peace in serving this Master or that happiness and delight can be found at His feet no matter what the circumstances of this world?

I confess that I felt shame at my answers and I am ever grateful that God is a loving and forgiving master.

I will also admit that God in His infinite mercy is far more patient with me than I am with my dog.

Thanks be to God.


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