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Bureaucracy before Bravery

POSTED: October 1, 2012 7:00 a.m.


While we continue to see and hear stories about America’s veterans receiving subpar medical care, the bureaucrats charged with overseeing the health needs of our brave men and women in uniform are apparently sparing no expense in taking care of themselves instead.


As a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee I take very seriously our responsibility to provide oversight of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). So this summer when it came to light that the VA spent more than $50,000 on a video featuring a General Patton impersonator, we demanded to know more. We feared it was just the tip of the iceberg.


And the tip of the iceberg it was.


Our own internal digging uncovered the first shock: at least $2.5 million spent last year on the “National Veterans Golden Age Games” hosted at the luxurious Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu.


While on paper the Golden Age Games seem like a noble cause to provide senior veterans with an Olympic-style sports competition, is it really a prudent use of our taxpayer resources and theirs to have held this event at one of the top – and most expensive – vacation destinations in 2011? Nope. With so many wounded warriors and homeless veterans, was it right for the VA to spend more than $1 million on an event planner who works in Alaska? Of course not. Was it right to spend thousands of dollars on floral arrangements, polo shirts, and a Polynesian outrigger canoe exhibition? Doubt it.


How can these bureaucrats look our veterans in eye and with straight faces when they are swiping the taxpayers’ credit card like there is no tomorrow?


No doubt the cost of airfare and lodging was cost-prohibitive for many veterans who in the past traveled to centrally-located places like Leavenworth in 1997, Topeka in 2000, Des Moines in 2010, or St. Louis this summer. But, of course it was not cost-prohibitive for VA to send 178 employees. The taxpayers picked up the tab for them. Sounds like a nice work trip, right?


In the meantime, we filed a congressional inquiry with the VA to get more information about the conferences. And then we waited. And waited. A few weeks later, the VA’s Chief Financial Officer testified before our Committee and ultimately admitted that in 2011 VA spent $100 million hard-earned taxpayer dollars on conferences – including $80 million just for bureaucrat travel alone.


Finally, nearly a month after our initial request, the VA delivered a list of its 2011 conferences including details about the numbers of participants, the purported reasons for the conferences, and the admitted costs.


According to these data, the VA hosted 373 conferences in 2011 with a total cost of $67 million. Top destinations included Texas, Nevada (Las Vegas), and Florida. About one-third of the total amount spent on conferences was spent in one of these states.


But also, perhaps even more shocking (but not surprising with this Administration) was that about $5 million was spent on training unions on how to comply with the labor agreement they reached with the VA. As part of the labor contract, the taxpayer-funded VA is required to pay for workers to learn more about the labor agreement. Who would have thought that these twenty-five five-day conferences would be held in such fun destinations as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Nashville, and San Juan (Puerto Rico)?


As if it were not enough that the VA continues operations like this when our veterans are suffering, they are doing so amid Obama’s trillion-dollar plus annual deficits and a massive $16 trillion in debt. When American businesses were forced to tighten their belts, many did away with conferences and expensive travel for their employees. Washington, on the other hand, just kept spending – even when America’s brave veterans should have been the higher, and certainly nobler priority.


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1 comment
frydd666: October 25, 2012 12:50 p.m.

I would agree that the VA should be spending money on the troops instead of themselves. This is gross mismanagement of funds. Many troops are coming home with many issues that need to be taken care of and are not getting the care they need due to lack of funding. This being said, I will say that as a veteran, I have made several trips to the Robert J. Dole VA hospital in Wichita and have never been treated better, not even in the public hospitals. The doctors and nurses treat me like a VIP on every visit. From what I have seen, this is not do to me, they treat all their patients like this. I would like to personally than all the doctors, nurses, and staff there and at the Salina CBOK for the respect, caring attitudes, and friendliness they have shown me. Now if we could get the management to act like the professionals that I have been dealing with, it would rapidly become the perfect system.

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