Kanopolis is under a drinking water warning

    Update: Kanopolis Mayor Russell "Rusty" Bunch said the city crew discovered a water main break. They are in the process of repairing the break. Bunch said the Drinking Water Warning leaflets will be distributed around Kanopolis Wednesday afternoon.

The City of Kanopolis is under a drinking water warning as of Wednesday morning, Dec. 6, because of high levels of nitrates in the water. Residents are advised not to give the water to infants under six months old or use it to make infant formula. In addition, the water should not be boiled.
     According to Kanopolis City clerk Yvonne “Bonnie” Stoppel, city crews are temporarily putting the city’s water well seven online to help raise the low water level in the city’s water tower, which, in turn, will help build up water pressure in town.
     Well seven has historically tested over the federal nitrate standard maximus contaminate level of 10 mg/L
     For complete details, read the story in the Thursday, Dec. 14, edition of the Ellsworth County Independent-Reporter.

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