Wilson Communications Monthly Rates

(First Published in the Ellsworth County Independent/
Reporter, May 3, 2018)

Public Notice

Wilson Telephone Company, Inc., dba Wilson Communications, is a quality telecommunications service provider that provides basic and enhanced services at reasonable rates within its service area.

Basic services are offered at the following rates:
Monthly Rates
    Single Party Residence    $18.65
    Single Party Business    $20.25
    State Mandated Emergency 911 Services
         Each Telephone Number    $0.60

Wilson Communications (WC) provides voice grade access to the public switched network, access to interexchange carriers, access to local and long distance operators and directory assistance.  Each local exchange service line is provided with a primary directory listing in the annual telephone directory published by WC.  WC’s basic local service also provides access to telecommunications relay service and the ability to report service problems seven days a week.
Low-income individuals subscribing to residence service who are eligible for the Lifeline telephone assistance program will receive a discount from the basic local charges and are eligible for toll limitation at no charge.  For more information regarding these programs, please contact WC’s business office.
Basic services are offered to all consumers in the WC service area at the rates and terms and conditions specified in Wilson Telephone Company Inc.’s tariff.  If you have any questions regarding WC’s services, please contact us by telephone at (785) 658-2111 or toll-free (800) 432-7607; or by email to customerservice@wilsoncom.us.  This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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