America’s gifts

Editor’s Note — These are two of the essays in the recent Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary’s Patriot Pen contest.

By Grace Bohnen
First Place

America’s gift to our generation is what it has taught me. Although what they taught us may not all be great, there are some good things too. America has taught us to stand up for what we believe in and has allowed us to honor and give back to our Veterans.

When we were younger, we were taught to always listen to adults and do what they say. Yet as we get older, we start to disagree with adults. We start to stand up for what we believe in because we don’t agree with someone.

We see people everyday all over the world and news standing up for what they believe in such as their education. Private schools, public schools and home schools. Even though the consequences may not turn out amazing, they still fight for what they believe in because it is important to them. There are riots happening every day because people are standing up for what they believe in. When it gets out of control, cops come and people start to get in trouble.


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