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Workers claim smaller slice of the pie

The following article gives reason for concern and one reason why I push for lower sales tax on food. Saturday at a legislative forum in Salina, I heard legislators express concern, willingness and need to lower the corporate tax burden. I heard little willingness to lower the tax burden on those at the bottom of the food chain. The article below gives substance to my concerns regarding state fiscal policies that reflect little concern for those people. Granted the article is based on national figures, but I suspect the trends described are reflected in Kansas as well. Saturday I heard how much a one percent decrease in sales tax on food would cost the state in revenue. A sales tax decrease lightens the burden on those most in need while an increase in income tax increases the burden on those best able to bear it. Sure seems fair to me.

Increasingly people at the bottom are being ignored and left out of fiscal policy considerations in favor of those further up the food chain. If their elected representatives will not speak up in their defense who will? People at the bottom do have skin in the game and they are being skinned alive.

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