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Wilson mayor agrees with the countywide mask mandate

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WILSON — Residential customers in Wilson will soon see an increase in their trash service rate.

At the Nov. 16 meeting of the Wilson City Council, approval was given to a four-year contract renewal with Chism Trash Service for 2021-25.

Susan Kriley, city clerk, said the current contract with Chism expires Dec. 31. As part of the new contract, the rate for residential customers will go up $1 per month, from $17 to $18 per month. Mayor Mike Peschka said it was the first rate increase since 2017.

In other business:

• Scott Grauer of Wilson Communications expressed his support for the countywide face mask mandate approved recently by the Ellsworth County commissioners.

Grauer said there are businesses in Wilson that refuse to comply with the mandate because they feel it can’t be enforced. He urged all businesses to comply with the mandate.

“All it’s going to take is one or two people getting sick and it’s going to spread through this town like wildfire: he said.

Grauer asked the council to look into ways to make those non-compliant businesses comply.

“I agree with you 100 percent; said Mayor Mike Peschka.

Peschka noted Wilson Police Chief Joshua Tipton visited with local businesses earlier in the day about the mandate.

“We are trying to be somewhat proactive Peschka said.

“I appreciate that; Grauer said. “You guys are making an effort. Thanks for all you do:’

• Roger Hubert, owner of the property at 2211 Ave D, has until Dec. 5 to correct the violations of city ordinances found on his property by the city board of health.

Hubert asked that the council allow him time to deal with the violations.

“I’ll get the place cleaned up, but I need to go at my own pace he said.

Peschka said he appreciated what Hubert was saying.

“You are not being picked on, you are not being singled out,” Peschka told Hubert, adding his is just one of 12-15 properties the city is working with to rectify violations found by the city board of health.

Peschka said if the violations are not brought into compliance by Dec. 5, the next step would be for the city to hire a contractor to get it done.

“I feel for your situation; he told Hubert. “But the city has a responsibility to enforce our ordinances. We’ve tried to treat everybody fair:’

Council member Chuck Crawford suggested Hubert make a list of the corrections he does and asked him to stay in contact with the council.

Tipton said he will meet with Hubert Nov. 17 at the property to show him exactly what violations the board of health is concerned about.

• A brief discussion on the telephone company franchise ordinance 857 took place with officials from Wilson Communications. The council will approve the annual ordinance at the Dec. 7 meeting.

• In a report on the board of health, Tipton said he didn’t have any updates on properties. He does, however, have a couple of individuals who have indicted an interest in serving on the board.

• Approval was given to pay $2,000 to the North Central Regional Planning Commission in Beloit as a final payment for administrative services they performed as part of the Kansas Department of Commerce community development block grant — CV grant. Wilson received $77,000 from that grant. Approximately $70,000 was distributed to eligible local businesses to use for COVID-19 related items. The remaining $7,000 was earmarked for the NCRPC for those administrative services.

• Peschka said workers are expected to begin rehabilitating the water tower this week.