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Bearcat should be off limits

Action taken by an active political candidate and letters previously published in the Ellsworth County Independent Reporter have prompted this letter. I have recently seen the Bearcat image associated with the 327 School District and used for the children of this district to celebrate their scholastic and athletic achievements and to raise funding for their activities, be appropriated for personal political advantage. Candidates for office are barred from using “false claims of support” that state or imply support by political parties or an organization. I feel the Bearcat image should be reserved for the students and removed from partisan political use.

I understand using the Bearcat image is not illegal, but I believe at times a simple understanding of community feelings and pride in an institution should protect it from misuse. Many candidates for positions related to the City and County of Ellsworth have a history with the Bearcats. Whether this history is personal or generational, this is the first time I have ever seen it used for political purposes. It would seem that a full name, political party affiliation and position desired would serve better to inform the public.

Just one Bearcat’s opinion.

Terry Kueser