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Bennington State Bank vs. Robert R. Panzer Jr, Case 20CV12

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(First Published in the Ellsworth County Independent/
Reporter, Thursday, April 29, 2021)


The Bennington State Bank
v.         Case No. 2020-CV-000012
Robert R. Panzer, Jr., a/k/a Robert Ray Panzer, Jr.;
Connie M. Panzer, in her individual capacity and as
trustee of The Stella Reimann Revocable Trust
Dated December 30, 1997; Randi L. Panzer a/k/a
Randi Lea Panzer; Aaron D. Panzer a/k/a Aaron
Dale Panzer; Crop Service Center Inc.; and Matco
Tools Corporation.
Title to Real Estate Involved, Pursuant to K.S.A.
Chapter § 60.  


Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the District Court of Ellsworth County, Kansas, in the above action wherein the parties above-named were respectively plaintiff and defendants, to me the undersigned Sheriff of Ellsworth County, Kansas, I will offer for sale at public auction and sell to the highest bidder for cash in hand the following described real property located in Ellsworth County, Kansas, to wit:
    A fraction of the Northwest Quarter of the
    Southeast Quarter (FrNW/4SE/4) of Section
    36, Township 14, Range 8 West of the 6th P.M.,
    lying North  of Hwy 156, and also described as:
    A tract of land in the Southeast Quarter of
    Section 36, Township 14 South, Range 8 West
    of the 6th P.M. in Ellsworth County, Kansas,
    described as follows: Beginning at the
    Northwest Corner of said Quarter Section:
    First Course, thence on an assumed bearing
    of South 89 degrees 29 minutes 26 seconds
    East, 766.55 feet along the North line of
    said Quarter Section to the existing North
    K-156 Highway right of way; Second
    Course, thence South 52 degrees 48 minutes
    45 seconds West, 541.87 feet along said right
    of way; Third Course, thence South 59 degrees
    56 minutes 16 seconds West, 201.56 feet
    along said right of way;  Fourth Course,
    thence South 52 degrees 48 minutes 45
    seconds West along said right of way to the
    West line of said Quarter Section; Fifth
    Course, thence North 00 degrees 09
    minutes 17 seconds West, 555.86 feet along
    the West line of said Quarter Section to the
    point of beginning.

    The Northwest Quarter (NW/4) of Section
    One (1), Township Fifteen (15) South, Range
    Eight (8) West of the 6th P.M., Ellsworth
    County, Kansas.

to satisfy the judgment in the above-entitled case.  The sale will occur near the front steps of the Ellsworth County Courthouse, 210 N. Kansas Avenue, Ellsworth, Kansas 67439, on Monday, May 24, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. CST of said day.  The real property is levied upon as the property of Robert Ray Panzer, Jr., Connie M. Panzer, and/or the Stella Reimann Revocable Trust Dated December 30, 1997, and will be sold without appraisement, and further subject to the approval of the Court.  At the sale, the highest bidder must have cash in hand.
                            Murray A. Marston
Sheriff of Ellsworth County, Kansas


Clerk of the District Court

James R. Angell
Klint A. Spiller
119 W. Iron, 7th Floor
P.O. Box 2567
Salina, Kansas 67402-2567
(785) 825-4674 [Phone]
(785) 825-5936 [Fax]
Attorneys for The Bennington State Bank

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